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You’ve seen that Aboriginal communities suffer from alcohol-related
problems. These include crime, poor health, domestic violence, and
educational underachievement. Alcohol abuse has often been noted among
native peoples who have come into extensive contact with European
colonizers, and various solutions have been proposed to reduce the
problems. These problems continue today.One major problem for Aborigines included legally described and
enforced second-class status. Under the law, whites of European descent
had equality, but Aborigines and those of mixed parentage were barred,
by race, from certain rights and privileges, including drinking alcohol
and living where one wanted to. These racialized laws resembled the Jim
Crow laws of the United States. Read the quotation below, which tells of
a person’s reaction to one such instance of unequal treatment, and
consider how you would have responded in this man’s place. Consider also
how you react to finding out about such situations.Respond with 2-3 paragraphs to the quotation below by describing your reaction to it and explaining why you feel that way.

One historian was told an account of a mixed parentage stockman in the
1940s who was told by the Native Affairs Officer that if he requested an
exemption he would be treated as a European, which would include the
right to drink alcohol. “If I’ve got to have a license to be equal to
the white man I’d rather stay where I am,” he replied, “It would be like
—Unsourced newspaper clipping, Linklater Correspondence ML MSS 955
• My thesis statement: • Evidence supporting my thesis: • Why my thesis is correct: • Concluding sentence (if necessary):

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